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Following the successful implementation of the Sokhan Platform and the various talks and events since 2015, we decided to replicate the successful platform and adapt it to another  need which existed in our community. We present to you, Fanbaazar, a new platform which seeks to create a friendly environment to share useful experiences, skills and expertise.In Fanbaazar, in the form of a talk, you can have interactions with other individuals who might be interested in leraning of the expertise or experiences you might have had in the past.

Examples of such experiences, ideas and espertise could be of the following sort:

  • Working with a software or application
  • Experience of court processes regarding small claim courts, regie du logement or even driving offences and penalties
  • renovation of your house and the challenges it is accompanied by
  • Fun activities and resorts around Montreal which you know of
  • Art related expertises such as photography, filming, painting, design and so on
  • The process of registering a company, business and employement in Quebec

All you would need to do is send us a summary of the topic you are interested in presenting and we will take it from there and follow up to set up the date and location of the talk!

Fanbaazar, as a platform, follows a set of guidlines and policies which ensure its consistency and prevents deviation from it's main route. This initial effort, certainly has many shortcomings  and flaws which could only be improved upon with a dialogue, broadmindedness and audience engagement with its organizing responsibles.

To contact the organizers of this platform, please contact the following e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.