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The Second Q&A Session Regarding Hajj Pilgrimage from Canada

Thanks to the benevolent host of this blessed month, Montreal Toheed Society held "The Second Annual Q&A Session Regarding Hajj Pilgrimage from Canada" and thus reminded the community of this religious duty on the verge of the holy month of Ramadan. The event was held in English and saw the presence of an audience of around fifty Muslims from various nationalities and backgrounds. In this event, 2 of the young pilgrims of recent years (Seyed Hossein Hashemi and Mohammad Kadhim) shared their experinces and answered the audience's questions on the spiritual journey. Finally, a draw was done and from the audience, Mahdi Ghotboddini, Wassan Manshad and Ali Shobeiri were, respectfully, chosen as the winner, the first reserve and the second reserve to receive the Hajj-assistance gift for a first-timer.
The Hajj-assistance gift for a first timer was $2'500.00 CAD which had been gathered from six activists in the community. This group included the pilgrims of last year's event. On average, each person contributed $416.00 CAD with a minimum of $100.00 CAD and a maximum of $700.00 CAD of donations.