About Toheed

In the winter of 2012, a group of active Iranian students from different universities in Montreal founded Montreal Toheed Society following several discussions regarding existing groups and the needs of the growing Iranian population in the city. The main goal of this society is to create a unified community to promote the religious identity while respecting each other’s differences. Montreal Toheed Society wishes to establish such a community through the following activities and based on the following principles and values with the cooperation of universitarians from all fields and preferences:


  • To establish relationships among Farsi-speaking academics residing in Montreal
  • To support members by sharing upcoming opportunities
  • To hold open-ended religious and cultural discussions
  • To provide a context for continuous intellectual and spiritual growth of the members
  • To identify and communicate with other groups with similar ambitions
  • To establish relationships with other university groups
  • To support and encourage the formation of other similar groups
  • To guide and facilitate the arrival of new students


  •  To accept different opinions and beliefs of the members while respecting the Shiite identity.



The following are in descending order, the fourth and current board's take or Toheed's constitution and their interpretation of the values and goals of the organization and the Montreal Toheed Society Constitution. Note that the two document are in Persian and will soon be available in english.


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