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Tanhavash Wildlife Documentary Screening

The screening of Tanhavash wildlife documentary took place on Saturday, November 25th 2017. Montreal Toheed Society, in collaboration with WWF McGill Student Club, Sierra Club Quebec and McGill Wildlife Association (MWA), hosted the screening at Concordia University. 


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"Tanhavash” wildlife documentary is the surprising result of tracing the Iranian cheetah in Kavir National Park (the largest national park in Iran) within a 6-year quest. The Iranian cheetah is the sole survivor of the extinct species of the Asiatic cheetah. Unfortunately, the Asiatic cheetah is extinct in all other regions of the world except in a small region within Iran. Today, less than 40 of this meritorious species are left and it is classified as a critically endangered life form.


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Montreal Toheed Society had the opportunity to get in touch with the producers of the documentary and managed to screen this award-winning documentary in Montreal for the first time. Producer & Director, Fathollah Amiri researched for a period of 6 years and was able to produce an inspiring and touching documentary about the critically endangered Asiatic cheetah. Amongst the awards won by the documentary, the most notable ones are the following:

1- The Best Foreign Film-Wildlife Conservation Film Festival-New York-2016
2- Appreciation Certificate-International Cinema Verite Film Festival-Tehran-2015
3- Official Selection-International VAASA Film Festival-Finland-2016
4- Official Selection-Matsalu Nature Film Festival-Estonia-2016


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