• Arbaeen Walk Photo Exhibition
  • The Third
  • Arbaeen Walk Photo Exhibition

    The Arbaeen Walk is the World's Largest Annual Peaceful Gathering held every year in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq. Millions of people take part in a commemoration of the Prophet Mohammad's grandson Hussain ibn Ali's martyrdom. Toheed Society of Montreal in cooperation with Thaqalayn Muslim Association (TMA) is going to hold a photography exhibition of the Arbaeen Walk to show how people stand for social justice, honor and peace. Our photos include various cultural backgrounds, religions, and health conditions.


    ✅ Come and visit our photos that you never see in media!

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  • Tanhavash Wildlife Documentary Screening

    The screening of Tanhavash wildlife documentary took place on Saturday, November 25th 2017. Montreal Toheed Society, in collaboration with WWF McGill Student Club, Sierra Club Quebec and McGill Wildlife Association (MWA), hosted the screening at Concordia University. 

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  • The Third "Street Store"

    Montreal Toheed Society is proud to hold its third Street Store initiative to offer help to the needy during the cold winter of Montreal.

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The Second Q&A Session Regarding Hajj Pilgrimage from Canada

Thanks to the benevolent host of this blessed month, Montreal Toheed Society held "The Second Annual Q&A Session Regarding Hajj Pilgrimage from Canada" and thus reminded the community of this religious duty on the verge of the holy month of Ramadan. The event was held in English and saw the presence of an audience of around fifty Muslims from various nationalities and backgrounds. In this event, 2 of the young pilgrims of recent years (Seyed Hossein Hashemi and Mohammad Kadhim) shared their experinces and answered the audience's questions on the spiritual journey. Finally, a draw was done and from the audience, Mahdi Ghotboddini, Wassan Manshad and Ali Shobeiri were, respectfully, chosen as the winner, the first reserve and the second reserve to receive the Hajj-assistance gift for a first-timer.
The Hajj-assistance gift for a first timer was $2'500.00 CAD which had been gathered from six activists in the community. This group included the pilgrims of last year's event. On average, each person contributed $416.00 CAD with a minimum of $100.00 CAD and a maximum of $700.00 CAD of donations.

Hajj English 2016 v2


Mohammed Kadhim & Seyed Hossein Hashemi
Event language: English
The Goal of the Event:
  • Discussing the Importance of hajj: now or later?
  • Planning and going through the visa application process
  • Choosing an agency/group/Hamla for the trip
  • Useful tips and potential challenges
  • Details of the trip and personal experiences
Further Explanation:
Last year, some of the returned Hajj first-timers organized an event for our community to promote the importance of Hajj and shared some of their knowledge, experiences, and tips about Hajj. Coupled with two hajj-assistance gifts, they facilitated the sending of two randomly chosen members of our community to this spiritual trip in 2015. Now, they are once again giving back to the community by doing the same thing in the second year.
We are going to discuss some of the details about the logistic of Hajj, tips and experiences and will have a draw for a $2,500 hajj-assistance gift for a first-timer. This is a gift and will be directly paid to the Hamla/group who organizes the Hajj travel.
Conditions to be included in the draw:
  • Resides in the Montreal Greater Area.
  • To go to Hajj in 2016 or passon the assistance gift to another who will go to Hajj in 2016.
  •  Be registered in this page prior to the event.
If you want to contribute to this gift, please contact us via our email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Some useful sources for your Hajj trip:


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